What are the Top Attractions in London to Visit during Vacations?

Published On September 3, 2015 | By Alfonso Johan | Travel

It would be hard to deny that London has been one of the popular cities in the world. The capital of United Kingdom and England has been regularly visited by an array of international vacationers and domestic tourists throughout the year. The city boasts of offering its visitors some of the best places in Europe and the world. The city must be visited at least once in a lifetime. Those who relish being a part of history would enjoy their stay in the heart of England. Nonetheless, while traveling in London, you should have adequate and prior knowledge of its various places you intend to explore on your holidays. The city offers an array of places that would interest you. As a result, you would need to extend your stay to visit top attractions of London.

Top Attractions London

Tower of London

The Tower of London has been ideally located on the banks of River Thames. The Tower of London has been most certainly amongst the oldest symbols of the capital city. The tower was built to commemorate the victory of most famous person in the history of England, William the Conqueror. He invaded England in the year 1066 and invariably became the first Norman king of England. For several centuries, the Tower of London was used as a prison up to 1950s. However, the place has been presently used to house the Crown Jewels of England.

Tower of London

Churchill War Rooms

As the name suggests, the Churchill War Rooms were rooms where the Prime Minister of United Kingdom, Sir Winston Churchill along with his staff used to held war cabinet during Second World War. People visiting the war rooms would be taken to the era of the war with various authentic maps and instruments being used in those times. The Churchill War Rooms were founded in the year 1984. However, thousands of people visit the rooms every year.

Churchill War Rooms

The Shard

This unique building has been completely different from London’s historic churches and palaces. The building was opened for public in the year 2013. The Shard is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the heart of London. This latest tourist attraction comprises up to 87 floors. The visitors would be able to view the city from its observation deck. It would not be wrong to suggest that the Shard has been the newest symbol of London.

London The Shard

Westminster Abbey

This oldest church of the island offers visitors its beautiful Gothic architecture. The Westminster Abbey has been the attracting an array of visitors all year long. The church boasts of its exquisite interior and exterior designs. However, the major function of the church holds more importance. The church has been used for the coronation ceremony of the British monarchs. The Abbey has been ideally located in the beautiful City of Westminster.

London Westminster Abbey

The Buckingham Palace

The Buckingham Palace is yet another beautiful building located in City of Westminster. It has been the official residence of the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. However, the palace would be open for public visits during the summer season only. You can take a walk in its beautiful gardens and experience the famous Changing of The Guard.

London The Buckingham Palace

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