Things to Check before Hiring a Car

Published On December 14, 2016 | By Alfonso Johan | Holidays

Hiring a rental car can give you great benefits on holiday over having to wait to use public transportation, or having to pay for taxis everywhere. Yeah, you can walk around, but not everywhere is within walking distance. But beware, the hidden costs of hiring a car can come back and get you, if you’re not prepared. Here are a few things to watch out for:

Your Credit Card (if you have one!) May Equip You with an Insurance Policy.

When you rent a car, you may be offered an expensive option at the car company of rental car insurance to cover any damages. This rental car insurance may be rather pricey, so check what they have to offer and see what applies to you. Nowadays, some credit card companies, if using their card for car rental, offer coverage to the card holder with no additional costs. But, make sure to check that out before taking a car, because some credit cards may have limited coverage, or none at all. Make a call and see where you stand, that may just save you some cash on the additional cost of rental insurance.

Make Sure You Get the Car You Asked For

If booking the car that you want, make sure that the car you asked for is the one that they’re going to provide when you get there. Should you get to the hiring company office and they state that the car you asked for just is not available, but they have others, try asking them for a discount, because to be fair, they’re not providing what you booked.

If You Are Not Hiring an Off-Road, Make Sure to Stay on Paved Roads.

Take good care to go over the company’s policies. Many of them forbid the use of their cars on unpaved roads. If you do have rental car insurance, theirs or from your credit card, it may just be nulled when you drive the car on an unpaved, road. So stick to the main paved roads, except if you want to perhaps pay for your off-road fun with a collision.

Make Sure to Top up Before Taking the Car Back

Keep your eyes open as to where petrol stations are on your way out from the car company. If you’re looking for renowned and trusted car hire in Christchurch, New Zealand, make sure to use an affordable and reputable one. Many rental car companies require that you must return the car with a full tank, and should you not, you’ll get charged for the petrol you didn’t put in the car, at the company’s usually higher rates. So, get that tank filled up nearby before returning the vehicle.

At the End of the Day

You can appreciate the convenience of using that rental car, without having to fork out for any unexpected fees. So, do yourself a favour and do a little homework (so easy these days with the Internet) and don’t be shy to ask any questions, so you know exactly where you stand – and what you’re paying for. Drive safely and enjoy!

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