A Guide to Prepare Your Yacht for Transport

Published On September 30, 2015 | By Alfonso Johan | Travel

You might have day dreamed about cruising the blue waters of Canada, Asia, US West Coast, New Zealand, Russia, Dubai, and Florida. In order to cruise all over on your own conditions, you have bought the yacht for the freedom to bon voyage. But, boat’s capabilities or time constraint can limit the routes or distance. Not to worry, now you can opt for yacht transport by ship, so that professional crews can get you to a far-off dream destination.

Using a carrier to shipyour yacht to next destination is the best approach to save it from any damage. Here are some stress-free, effective, and safe methods to get your yacht from one place to another. You should seek for hassle-free, reliable yacht transportation services. Cruise around with your own ship in exotic ports now.

Yacht for Transport

Look for the Best Yacht Transportation Specialist

It is best to look for a shipper or ship carrier that works best in transportation area. You can also request copies of state license or DOT documents and insurance; in case, they fail or hesitate to give, you’ve all the rights to back out. You should enquire about the firm’s history of crashes, inspections, and the status of their licenses. All the contracts should be mentioned clearly in a paper with complete details about costs, tariffs, taxes, security, scheduling, delivery/pickup locations and rules about refunds for delays or cancellations. Ensure you read the contract and understand it very well before signing.

Preparing Yacht for Shipping

As per the research conducted, most insurance claims are due to poor preparation.Imagine you’re transporting the yacht down the highway in force winds or hurricane or strong vibration for days. To help prepare, it is suggested to hire experienced preppers or professional marine surveyor for loading the yacht as they know well about document damage and load points. You should also capture enough images with the date imprinted so that it comes handy as evidence in case you file for any compensation later.

Document Important Things without Fail

Being the yacht’s owner, it’s your responsibility to document any damage upon unloading and during the time of arrival. Don’t let the carrier go without acknowledging in documents about any damages. This is where photos come handy. Call the insurance agency immediately to claim for damages or losses.

Keep all receipts safe or else you will have to pay clearance charge once again.

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